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Have we built an Asheville for a future that isn't coming?
Local leaders used to talk about the Asheville economy as almost recession-proof. That was when economists were wondering if we had defeated the business cycle with shallow recessions that were mere blips in Asheville's continued growth. A few months of contraction, and the stock market would take off again. Tourists kept coming to Asheville, many of them staying around to buy even bigger houses.

March 8, 2010
Coming soon? Trader Joe's, Whole Foods take a look at Asheville but are tight-lipped about plans 

February 14, 2010 Maggie Valley landslide leaves more questions than answers

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Places to stay and things to do in Asheville
From Brad Hudson:  
The Grove Park Inn, if for only one night. I prefer the old part of the hotel or the main Inn. Try to get a room overlooking the golfcourse/spa. Enjoy the fireplaces big enough to stand in and if it's the summer, take the short shuttle ride to the pool and enjoy sunbathing and cocktails! If you're traveling on a budget ask for their mid-week special - usually you can get 1 night free if you pay for 2. Otherwise just go a late afternoon drink and watch the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountans..

Lyssa Cross' ( one of the agents listed above ) owns Mountain Laurel B&B  - Mt. Laurel B&B caters to Gays and Lesbians and therefore it is very important to protect an atmosphere of acceptance and freedom

Eat: Zambra-Tapas and Wine